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Maco Henares

MACO HENARES, S.L. , was founded in 2004 with an interest of purely patrimonial management and with a large number of active properties in the Henares Corridor area.

In this way the enterprise has full knowlege of the area and of the interests of any owner or estate investor who wants to see how his estate is managed with professionality and rigour.

Therefore, counting with personnel qualified in Urbanistic Management, Real Estate Management, Urbanistic Planning, Estate Administration and Fiscal and Legal Advising, MACO HENARES, S.L. enters the market in the year 2010 as an " undertaking real estate agency" offering its clients a complete service of undertaking properties, such as industrial and tertiary plants, single buildings, premises, offices and lands.

MACO HENARES, S.L. ., knowing the prior needs of the real estafe owners, focuses not only on the real estate trading and intermediation, but also in the total management of the properties, giving an advising, managing and follow-up service that ensures the client of his total coverage before any eventuality.


What we do

From our department of Undertaking Real Estate Management we can deal with your for sale and/ or for rent properties with the greatest possible efficiency, counting with agreements for the publication of advertisements on Internet, specially aimed to this sector and that are essential for good trading at a general level.

Moreover, we accomplish a thorough study of each property at technical level in order to know its urbanistic, architectonical and administrative specifications so that we are able to give the maximum possible information to anyone interested according to his interests.
Finally we must highlight that MACO HENARES takes care of the drafting of rental agreements, as well as those for downpayments or reservation and the rough draft of the script, as a previous step to its signature at the Notary´s office.

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