• Collaboration with Securitas Direct.

    Collaboration with Securitas Direct.

    MACO HENARES signed a collaboration agreement with Securitas Direct . With the firm intention to offer our customers everything they…

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  • Appraisals and property valuations

    Appraisals and property valuations

    Our technical department is specialized in all processes of valuation and property consultancy. Property valuation is essential for the property…

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  • Integral Management Leasing

    Integral Management Leasing

    With the hiring of this service, MACO HENARES will assume full contact with your tenant, so that we will be…

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  • Real Estate Management

    Real Estate Management

    MACO HENARES was borrn in 2004 in order to manage its own equity business properties, this way the company has…

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  • Certification of Facilities

    Certification of Facilities

    We have qualified personnel who can certify electrical, air conditioning and compressed air installations meeting all requirements for supply. CERTIFICATION…

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  • Collaboration with AURA Real Estate Experts

    Collaboration with AURA Real Estate Expe

    MACO HENARES signed a partnership agreement with  AURA Real Estate Experts  We continue to expand our portfolio of services to…

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  • Energy Audits

    Energy Audits

    An energy audit is the process by which the operation of a facility or building is energetically evaluated in order…

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  • Energy Efficiency Certification

    Energy Efficiency Certification

    We manage and process your Energy Performance Certificate as rigorously and effectively as possible. . Including all necessary work for…

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  • License Management

    License Management

    We manage and handle your license applications with the utmost seriousness and possible agility, both in drafting and in its…

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  • Urban Management

    Urban Management

    Our department of Urban Management can advise you on any questions concerning this area, which in addition to providing a…

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  • Technical Building Inspection.

    Technical Building Inspection.

    Due to the need for proper upkeeping and maintenance of the housing stock to prevent their ruin as a result…

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  • Building Technical Maintenance

    Building Technical Maintenance

    MACO HENARES gives its customers a continuous advisory service of management, maintenance and supervision of their r real estate, so…

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  • Project Management

    Project Management

    At present counting on a large staff of engineers with an experience of over 20 years we are at your…

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  • Engineering


    Presently counting on a large staff of engineers with an experience of over 20 years, we are at your disposal…

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  • Architecture


    Our architects have the experience to carry out the drafting of any building project and construction management, in case of…

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