Building Technical Maintenance

MACO HENARES gives its customers a continuous advisory service of management, maintenance and supervision of their r real estate, so they are under cover for any eventuality.


In addition to performing all procedures regarding these regulations that apply in your municipality, from the Department of Building Management we rigorously study each building at different levels: structure, roofs, walls, accessibility, sanitation, etc. in order to determine its condition, and thus make a maintenance plan to ensure an optimal preservation of the entire building, its facilities and other important common elements.. It is important to highlight that the good condition of your property may bring important benefits such as savings in your annual insurance premium, negotiating with your insurance company, because with the existence of a preventive maintenance plan the number of accidents is reduced and, you can also obtain that the conditions on your , building insurance agreement do not exclude the coverage of some claims due to lack of maintenance,, minimizing the risks and unforseen expenditures.
It warrants that the customer may have covered some services such as:

  • Conducting expert technical reports and reports for grants and aids.
  • Making basic projects and works required in the building.
  • Making waste plans , scaffolding projects ...
  • Completing ITE (Building Technical Inspection).
  • Implementing and reviewing emergency and self-protection plans.
  • Periodic inspections to evaluate the condition of the property.
  • Supervision of community claims making sure that the insurance company is
  • correctly applying the guarantees contracted by the policy .In case of compensation checking that the amount to be received by the community is correct according to the type of damage and depending on market prices.
  • Performing a maintenance plan and / or Book of Building.
  • Advice for the processing of grants and aids.
  • Advice for proper contracting works.
  • Counseling, diagnosis and technical solutions of constructional problems and defaults such as humidity, fissures, waterproofing roofs etc.

The BUILDING TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT división is responsible for establishing preventive and corrective maintenance of your property after a previous study of the same and its facilities.

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