Technical Building Inspection.

Due to the need for proper upkeeping and maintenance of the housing stock to prevent their ruin as a result of deterioration, there arise the regulations relaives to TECNICAL BUILDING INSPECTIONS , mandatory for those municipalities whose population exceeds 25,000.


Currently, the ITE has become an aspect of social interest as it directly affects the owners of the buildings. A technical inspection is intended to prove compliance with the conditions of safety, health, public embellishment and decoration, being a prerequisite to guarantee jobs and works necessary to preserve or rehabilitate them, always maintaining the required conditions of habitability, depending on the destination of the construction itself or the building in accordance with the provisions of the applicable planning regulations and municipality ordinances.
The building study focuses on the following topics: structure and foundation, state of the facades, roofs and housetops, general plumbing and sanitation networks, and accessibility.
It is important to stress the idea that this document represents an investment. It is important to know the state of our property to avoid future problems aggravated by the lack of maintenance. Thanks to this, you can prevent most problems: humidities, landslides, leaks, etc.
Some municipalities whose ordinance is approved and offer our services are Alcalá de Henares, Guadalajara, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Alcobendas, Arganda del Rey , etc.
The property owners have the obligation to pass the ITE and they must hire the services of competent technicians. Our technicians have the necessary qualifications and experience to carry out these inspections, being duly collegiated and authorized to practice the profession.


The RD 233/2013 of 5 April , which regulates the State Plan for promoting rental housing, rehabilitation and urban regeneration 2013-2016, has established the implementation of a status report of the conservation of buildings, accessibility and energy efficiency.: The new Building Assessment Report or IEE, which is constituted as a substitute for the current Technical Building Inspection ITE.
The Building Assessment Report shall include a detailed state of conservation of the building study and adaptation compliance with current accessibility standards and finally all aspects related to energy efficiency. In addition, the IEE will be subsidized. Eligible for aid of this grant program may be communities of owners , groups of communities of owners, or the sole owners of the housing buildings.
The máximum of these aids to be granted for the building will nor surpass the result of multipying 11,000 euros by each home and by each 100 m2 of usable surface for premises.
In the following link you can find all the oficial information Royal Decree 233/2013As well as a model type of Building Assessment Report.

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