Urban Management

Our department of Urban Management can advise you on any questions concerning this area, which in addition to providing a more comprehensive view of urbanism, will focus primarily on technical and legal aspects.


Urban Management is one of the pillars of MACO HENARES . It includes the set of practices that combine the technical and legal aspects in relation to the implementation of urban planning. MACO HENARES provides management services with the various representatives involved in this process: public administrations , owners, property developers, and promoters.
More specifically, we have experience in the following services:

  • Expropriation proceedings.
  • Compensation Boards.
  • Studies and changes of urban uses.
  • General planning and urban projects.
  • Detailed studies.
  • Feasibility studies for further edification.
  • Demarcations, segregations and unifications.
  • Rating of lands and lots.

Also this department of Urban Management advises all customers who wish to sell, lease or operate a land property, always advising the customer about valuation, urban future, etc ...

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